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for EPSON SureColor S, T, F series printers

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Compatible inks and cartridges for EPSON SureColor S, T, F series printers 

for S series :  Solvent-Based, Pigment Ink
for T series :  Water-Based, Pigment Ink
for F series :  Water-Based, Dispersive Dye Ink

For Glossy & Matte Media
Wide color gamut with superior durability
Rich and various black color
Remarkable imaging quality at a low price
Excellent light and water fastness
CISS (Continuous ink Supply System) available
Dye Black Ink (for use with Screen Printing) available

Compatibility for use with EPSON printers

Printer no. of slots (installed colors)
no. of total colors
Compatible Cartridge Model
Capacipy of Cartrdge (ml) Compatible Bulk ink Model
Epson S series (GS2 ink) 4/4 (K/Y/M/C)
5/5 (K/Y/M/C/W)
EPS306 (K/Y/M/C) 700 IR-EPS306 (K/Y/M/C)
Epson T series (XD ink)
5/5 (PK/MK/Y/M/C) EPT32 100  / 350  / 700 IR-EPT30
Epson T series (XD ink)
5/5 (PK/MK/Y/M/C) EPT30 100  / 350  / 700 IR-EPT30
Epson F series (DS ink) 4/4 (K/Y/M/C) - - IR-EPF60