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Blanc Doux 블랑두 (white, sweet)

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Cosmetics for Skin Care

Formulation using ingredients
listed in ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary)
and INCI(International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) by in USA.

CFS(Certificate of Free Sales) possible

Blanc Doux 블랑두 (white, sweet)

와인 추출물을 함유한 스프레이 타입의 세럼 (미백과 주름개선 기능성)
저자극 선크림 타입의 피부톤 보정 메이크업베이스 (자외선 차단 기능성)

products detail :




피노누아 스프레이 세럼 Facial Mist 50m

와인 추출물을 함유한 스프레이 타입의 세럼
미백과 주름개선 기능성


Pinot Noir Spray Serum 50ml
피노누아 스프레이 세럼 Facial Mist 50ml

It is a spray type serum containing 37% of the wine extracts including polyphenol,
an antioxidant substance obtained from pinot noir wine produced in France.
As a functional cosmetic, it serves as an immediate moisture provider and soothing tired skin for whitening and wrinkle improvement.

The White Ring
Placed on the top layer of Pinot Noir Spray Serum,
‘the White ring’ is composed of vegetable oil such as orange oil and lemon peel oil.
In addition, for the optimal balance of skin moisture,
30% of oil from total is contained to offer balance recovery and skin softening.

How to Use
Shake the bottle before applying, then spray it to face at a 15cm to 20cm distance.

After washing your face, apply it immediately before getting dehydrated.
Also, yo can use it whenever you feel dehydrated even while makeup.


피노누아 UV쉴드 앤 톤업 센서티브 Day Cream 40ml

와인 추출물을 함유한 저자극 선크림 타입의 피부톤 보정 메이크업베이스
자외선 차단 기능성


Pinot Noir UV Shield & Torn-Up Sensitive 40ml
피노누아 UV쉴드 앤 톤업 센서티브 Day Cream 40ml

As a pinot noir line -up, it alsi contains a pinot noir wine extract fron real pinot noir wine.
With superior mild sun block components, it protects your skin from UVA and UVB,
which are causes of red spots and blemishes.
Also, it serves as a rich moisture provider and a make-up base that make your skin torn up.
(SPF35, PA++)

4 Season Daily Sun Cream

THE SUN BLOCK, you’ve been looking for UV Shield for sensitive skin + Moisturising + Tone-Up!
Hypoallergenic & Moisturing & Skin Torn up Sun Block

저자극 자외선차단 + 피부보습 + 자연스러운 피부톤 보정
선크림으로 인한 트러블 없이
번들번들 오일리한 선크림은 그만 !
끈적임 없이 산뜻한 사용감
자외선 차단은 물론 수분충전과 화사한 피부 표현


피노누아 기프트 세트
Gift Box included


What is wine cosmetics, Blanc Doux?

 Blanc Doux

Blanc Doux is a combined word of ‘blanc’ for indicating white color and ‘doux’ for representing sweet flavor and hence means ‘sweet white color.’
It represents clean and transparent skin comparing a desire for pureness and cleanliness of white color to sweet flavor.

 Picky Pinot Noir for Picky You

Pinot Noir is usually cultivated at Bourgogne area in France that is very sensitive with weather and strict conditions for cultivation.
Therefore, only a small amount of Pinot Noir is yielded since it is known as the best quality of grapes for making the best quality red wines.
Henceforth, it is often compared to strict but intelligent young women in their 20s to 30s.


Blanc Doux is explicitly reflected in Pinot Noir Spray Serum and Pinot Noir UV Shield & Torn-Up Sensitive by specifically developing the wine extract from Pinot Noir wine produced in France.

 Modern Design Cosmetics Inspired by Wine & French Paradox

Blanc Doux was created by ‘French Paradox’ indicating the correlation of eternal beauty and inspiration from wine culture and philosophy.
Suggesting urban lifestyle of modern females with French wine as a main ingredient,
it serves as a cosmetic brand that pursues more stylish modern design.

 What is French Paradox?

According to one report, the French tend to maintain beauty and healthy condition because of wine in spite of much consumption of high fat food as much as American people.
Especially, the queen of Louis XVI in France, Marie Antoinette, was known to enjoy bathing with the best quality wines in advance inspired by its effectiveness.
In fact, ‘polyphenol’ contained in wine serves as strong antioxidant role in preventing active oxygen, that is a cause for skin aging,
and of improving the condition of skin.